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Let’s get one thing straight, dog pet id tags is not the sexiest of topics…

But more people should be talking about it!

And here’s why…

The “lost dog” rate in the UK is still alarmingly high!

More dogs go missing each year then people and it’s because of a Id tags on pets.

It’s estimated that about 5 dogs a day go missing with no form of pet id or tag to help identify the dog.

That’s over 1825 missing every year in the UK ALONE!

Take a look at this post from “The Express:

That’s 50,000 dogs a year being dumped on the streets without tags.

Charities are overflowing and homes are becoming scarce.

So we at Linfield FC have decided to take action and raise awareness ourselves.

As a team on and off the pitch, we wanted to bring our influence online to help dogs around the UK return home after going missing.

We want to make all our members aware of how easy it can be to protect your dog with a simple cheap pet id tag on their collar or inserted via chip.

Now because chipping your dog has ethical boundaries we’re going to focus on engravable id tags for pets instead.

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For more information on how to prevent your dog from going missing, watch this short video below:



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